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What is a bunker?  A bunker may be defined as “a defensive military fortification designed to protect people or valued materials from falling bombs or other attacks”.  For the purpose of our interest here a bunker may be completely below ground level, completely above ground level or partly above and partly below ground level – it depends on the usage.  Also, for the purpose of our interest here a bunker refers to the structure NOT necessarily the usage as some were used for several purposes.


Two sets of information are available from Bunkers.org.uk.



The Paddock Information Collection – the most comprehensive source of information about Paddock

The Paddock Information Collection brings together all available information (some previously unpublished) about the design, construction and uses of Paddock (the code name for the bunker from which Churchill and the War Cabinet would have run Britain if the Cabinet War Rooms in London were to become unusable) to create a comprehensive and valuable research resource.

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Cold war sites and structures in the United Kingdom and Isle of Man used for the control and protection (directly or indirectly) of civilians in an emergency situation (1945 to date) - a gazetteer

The primary purpose of the gazetteer is to facilitate the location of sites and structures (extant and demolished) by Grid Reference, location, Post Town, PostCode, county or country.  The secondary purpose of the gazetteer is to indicate the location of further, possible, sites and structures in order to encourage further research.

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